7. Vocal Frequencies

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7. Vocal Frequencies Empty 7. Vocal Frequencies

Post  James on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:43 am

There are a few frequencies to keep in mind with voices.

Men's voices typically have a fundamental of 85Hz-180Hz.

Women's fundamentals are typically from 160Hz-250Hz.

This is really just the chest resonance of your voice, the clearest frequencies of speech are 1kHz-4kHz.

Vowels are usually in the 200Hz-800Hz range, consonants are 1kHz-5kHz.

Too much 1kHz-1.5kHz is what makes annoying nasal voices.

Around 500Hz is kind of an ugly frequency for most voices, usually just adds mud.

Adding a little extra 5kHz can make vocals sound more crisp.

Since there's really nothing important going on with vocals below 100Hz-250Hz (depending on the singer), I usually find it's best to use a low-cut filter or low-shelf EQ to get rid of whatever's there. It's just chest resonance and wind noise that adds to the muddyness of the low end.
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